Projects 2013

Girdwood 2020

Still Taking Care of Our Valley 


  • Continued lobbying effort in partnership with Alyeska Resort to secure financing for major infrastructure improvements for      Girdwood
  • Monitored progress on previously funded infrastructure projects to insure their proper and timely completion: Girdwood Town Square Improvements; Repair and Rehab Olympic Mountain Loop including intersections with Arlberg Avenue; Arlberg Avenue Extension to access Heritage Land Bank lands for further infrastructure and to access Multiuse Trail System; Road alignment of Hightower Extension (Egloff) to better serve the Girdwood Fire Station, Girdwood Gerrish Library and Meeting Room, and extend access to the Girdwood South Townsite lands
  • Continued coordination with Municipality to update Girdwood Area Plan
  • Financial and other support for Alaska Winter Olympians
  • Continued Go For The Gold fund to support both winter and summer Olympic hopefuls
  • Funded Girdwood School Ski Program scholarships
  • Sponsored the Annual Meeting and Banquet and Annual Golf Tournament to provide operating funds
  • Continued support for construction and operation of Girdwood Nordic and Multiuse Trail System; first 5K dedicated December 21, 2012.
  • Advised members by letters and emails when crucial issues arise
  • Nurture strategic alliance between the Girdwood Community, Alyeska Resort and Girdwood 2020
  • Continue work with Municipality of Anchorage   and consultants on Girdwood South Townsite Master Plan
  • Community Services Award
  • Website Development
  • Continued support of the Seward/Kenai Highway Safety Task Force working to make transportation corridor safer for all users; monitor highway projects and recommend safety improvements
  • Continued support for The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum and Visitor Center
  • Continued support for Chugach Electric Association as they continue to upgrade  electrical service to the community