2015 Strategic Plan

Girdwood 2020

Still Taking Care of Our Valley 


  • Continued lobbying effort in partnership with Alyeska Resort to secure financing for major infrastructure improvements for Girdwood
  • Monitored progress on previously funded infrastructure projects to insure their proper and timely completion: Girdwood Town Square Improvements completed. Repair and Rehab Olympic Mountain Loop including intersections with Arlberg Avenue; Arlberg Avenue Extension to access Heritage Land Bank lands for further infrastructure and to access Multiuse Trail System; Road alignment of Hightower Extension (Egloff) to better serve the Girdwood Fire Station, Girdwood Gerrish Library and Meeting Room, and extend access to the Girdwood South Townsite lands, Rehab of the Pedestrian Safety Corridor from railroad bridge to Crow Creek Road.
  • Continued coordination with Municipality to update Girdwood Area Plan
  • Financial and other support for Alaska Olympians
  • Continued Go For The Gold fund to support Olympic hopefuls
  • Sponsored the Annual Meeting and Banquet and Annual Golf Tournament to provide operating funds
  • Continued support for construction and operation of Girdwood Nordic and Multiuse Trail System; first 5K dedicated December 21, 2012.
  • Advised members by letters and emails when crucial issues arise
  • Nurture strategic alliance between the Girdwood Community, Alyeska Resort and Girdwood 2020
  • Girdwood South Townsite Master Plan final approval and completion.
  • Website Development
  • Continued support of the Seward/Kenai Highway Safety Task Force working to make transportation corridor safer for all users; monitor highway projects and recommend safety improvements
  • Continued support for The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum and Visitor Center
  • Continued support for Chugach Electric Association as they continue to upgrade. electrical service to the community. Second feeder line completed by Chugach Electric.