Current Issues



olympiclogo Olympic Mountain Loop: The purpose of  this project is to upgrade the infrastructure within Olympic Mountain Loop, which is  located in one of Girdwood’s primary residential and business areas.  Phase I documented problem areas. Phase II moved to the design of road  and drainage improvements, better connecting Olympic Mountain Loop to the properties  it serves. Improvements include a paved roadway, pedestrian facilities, a designated snow storage area, lighting, and improved landscaping. The project will be complete in 2016.


 Girdwood School remodelWith the passing of Proposition 1 Girdwood School received $23 million for reconstruction of the facility.

The project provided renewal and redesign of the existing space and added a full sized gym and running track along with a common area to the school.

The bond also provided funding for  a science lab and three additional classrooms.   The primary classrooms were undersized by 350 square feet and the bond money allowed the school to expand current class sizes to meet the educational specifications of the Anchorage School District.

Arlberg Extension

This project is scheduled to begin in 2016 and will extend Arlberg Avenue to the Nordic Ski Trail Head.

South Townsite/Egloff Drive

Realignment of Egloff Drive has been funded. The road upgrade will provide access to the existing buildings and on into the  South Townsite Area. Projects currently underway in the Girdwood South Townsite area are:

  • The re-plat  of the Heritage Land Bank land is complete  (the bulk of the South Townsite area) which will provide an improved opportunity for land development.
  • The Update of the Girdwood South Townsite Area Master Plan is complete and went before the Planning & Zoning Commission gaining approval. Input from many municipal agencies was considered in the final rewrite of the South Townsite Area Master Plan.    DOWL/HKM worked with the Girdwood South Townsite Committee, the Heritage Land Bank, and the Municipal Planning Department to accomplish this task.
  • Realign Egloff Drive extension:  Upon completion and approval of the South Townsite Area Master Plan, realignment of  the Egloff Drive extension will begin. Design of the roadway will incorporate community desires expressed through the Girdwood South Townsite Area Plan. The Egloff Drive extension will improve access to the fire station, library, and the northernmost tracts of Heritage Land Bank land.