Go For The Gold 2012 Recipients


Liam Ortega is Go for the Gold’s 2012 recipient


Liam Ortega, Alaskan grown, Marquette University graduate, National Champion and American Cup Champion speedskater. Training hard to become the first Alaskan named to the U.S. Olympic speedskating in 2014.






Holly BrooksThis past season was busy! I spent 5 continuous months on the World Cup traveling with the US Ski Team.  I experienced a personal best result of 5th place, 2.9 seconds off the podium. I was also a member of the first-ever podium for the women’s 4x5k relay in Gallivare, Sweden.  I raced 35 times in 10 different countries including the pre-Olympic World Cup in Sochi, Russia.  Recently this spring I was nominated to the USST A-team! (I had previously been on the B-team)  I’m excited that although I’m an older athlete with a non-traditional path to professional ski racing I am able to make improvements and the US Ski Team recognizes it.  The past three years I went from not being a member at all to a nomination for the B-team, to now, a nomination for the A-team!  This has taken an amazing amount of dedication and perseverance and Girdwood 2020 has been an integral role in helping fund my traveling and racing. I am extremely thankful to the organization for lending a hand when I needed it most!

I currently have my eyes set on the upcoming winter Olympics in Sochi. It is just shy of 300 days from now and I’m 100% focused on performing my best come February!