Girdwood 2020 focuses on being involved in the Girdwood community

and supporting projects that benefit Girdwood.

TASC – Turnagain Arm Service Coalition -Girdwood 2020 Board provided a letter of support for TASC  a coalition of Little Bears Playhouse, Inc.,  Girdwood Health Clinic Inc.  and Girdwood Community and Fitness Center Task Force. The mission of  TASC is to build a multi-purpose facility in Girdwood’s South Townsite area.

Heritage Land Bank allocated 6.8 acres in Girdwood’s South Town Site to construct the multi-use facility, contingent upon financing.

TASC recently received a Resolution of Support from the Girdwood Board of Supervisors and the Municipality of Anchorage to pursue research to add a housing element to the project.  TASC is now working with the Heritage Collection LLC to see if a public-private partnership adding housing to the project is feasible.  The housing would consist of workforce, low-income, senior and fair market value apartments.  gbos-resolution-2016-11-tasc-housing-concept

Nordic Loop Expansion – Girdwood 2020 supports the initiative to add a second loop to the Nordic Loop Trail in Girdwood.  This addition would be a  beginner/intermediate year-round, multi-use trail allowing dogs, fat tire biking and hiking.

Twin Bridges – The Girdwood 2020 Board supports a project by Girdwood Nordic Ski Club Inc. to replace the Twin Bridges  located behind Our Lady of the Snows Church.