Girdwood 2020 Strategic Plan Report for 2016

With heartfelt thanks to John Rense for moderating our planning meeting and most of all for analyzing the results of our deliberations, I give you John’s lightly edited report of results.

Our question at the conclusion of the meeting was whether you would organize a group like Girdwood 2020 if none existed.  The answer was “yes” from all who attended.  Girdwood 2020 has value.

The primary focus sought is for Girdwood 2020 to be a “Community Advocate”.

Mr. Rense points out that this is a broadening of focus from the day of our initial organization, when we drilled in specifically on recreation and on planning and mountain resort infrastructure.


The five other areas of focus are:


Strategy and Thinking

Synergy and Leadership

Public Safety to include safety on the Seward/Kenai Highway

Infrastructure and development


John goes on to close his comments:

“I think this is great direction, for a start.  It’s definitely an evolution from our early years.  I’d say we should test it back against our mission, but I think we will find it consistent.  The Board wants us to be an advocate of a diverse portfolio of issues in this beautiful mountain resort community.  They want us to take on issues with our level heads, heeding facts and information, providing strategy and leadership.  They know the challenges are diverse and they are willing to take on a range of issues.

This can also create new challenges, because we can’t do everything, but at a time when infrastructure dollars are going to be low, it seems we could have plenty of other issues to address.”