Seward/Kenai Highway Safety Task Force

Sept 23 FB

Girdwood 2020 created a Seward/Kenai Highway Transportation Corridor Safety Task Force in 2012.   Larry Daniels and Hank Hosford co-chair this committee bringing together user groups of the highway such as the State Troopers, EMS Services, Trucking Associations, the Alaska Railroad, the Tourism Industry and all other concerned stakeholders.

James Starzec and David Post of the Alaska Department of Transportation focus on four safety corridors in South Central Alaska.  Improving the Seward/Kenai Hwy is  a part of their goal.

Recently Dave Parish, Girdwood 2020  Board Member, was interviewed about a Seward Highway safety after a 5 car accident occurred where people stop to fill up water jugs on the high.  To see the interview click on the link.  KTVA logo

Two projects approved by the State and currently being implemented are:

The 2013-2015 Alaska Statewide Transportation Improvement Program includes the use of message signs, real-time traffic counters, low power FM or highway advisory radio, automated anti-icing/de-icing system, environmental sensors, CCTV and adjoining signal systems to help improve traveler safety and efficiency along the Seward Highway Corridor to Portage Glacier Road MP78.8

Mile Post 99-105 (between Indian and Bird) The state will construct Seward Highway improvements which include passing lanes and bike/pedestrian trails. This project is funded for $36 million.

Attached is the  Seward Highway Potter Marsh to Girdwood Update for Girdwood 2020 September 2014