Safety Task Force, Stakeholders Resolution April 25, 2017

Seward/Kenai Peninsula Highway Transportation Corridor Safety

Stakeholders Resolution by the Meeting of

April 25, 2017



WHEREAS:  The Seward/Kenai Peninsula Highway Transportation Corridor Safety Stakeholders group was organized in the year 2012 by Girdwood 2020, the primary facilitator, with the following:

Project Goals and Objectives: To provide a safe ground transportation corridor from Anchorage to Seward and the Kenai Peninsula.

Immediate Goals:

  • Convene a comprehensive group of stakeholders committed to securing safe ground transportation from Anchorage to Seward and the Kenai Peninsula.
  • Prepare a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to define the objectives of the stakeholder group.
  • Secure signatures of all stakeholders to the MOA.
  • Communicate the MOA to local, State and Federal agencies.

Immediate Objectives:

  • Memorialize and communicate intent of the group to those responsible to take action.
  • All user citizens will be educated regarding the extent of the problem and fully engaged in identifying and implementing solutions to the problem.
  • Oversee implementation of solutions to insure they do occur.

AND WHEREAS:  Through a series of stakeholder summit meetings in the ensuing years, these initial goals and objectives have been largely accomplished, and

WHEREAS:  A renewed plan of action was adopted by the group, namely

  • Long Term: 5 to 10 years – NO accidents, NO fatalities, four-lane divided highway Anchorage to Seward and Homer.
  • Mid Term: 2 to 5 years – sufficient trooper presence to achieve objectives, road maintenance to enhance objectives, continue safety and highway improvements as scheduled, maintain enforcement presence.
  • Current to One Year out – Implement improvements and upgrades as scheduled, maintain law enforcement presence, sustain road maintenance.

AND WHEREAS: Economic condition of the State of Alaska with resulting reductions in funding for trooper budgets and highway improvement and maintenance leave us with the possibility of unsafe enforcement levels and roadway maintenance, therefore it is


Seward/Kenai Peninsula Highway Transportation Corridor Safety

Stakeholders Resolution by the Meeting of April 25, 2017

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  1. The intent of this group is to provide security for our roads, for public safety and for our schools as users transit the Seward/Kenai Highway Corridor.
  2. We request an expedited meeting of decision makers from the State of Alaska to include Governor Walker; the Municipality of Anchorage, to include Mayor Berkowitz and Anchorage Assembly; Alaska Legislators and representatives of the highway stakeholders, with the stated purpose of insuring an acceptable transition between April 30 and May 1 law enforcement on the Seward Highway between McHugh Creek and Mile Post 75.
  3. Interim funding of not less than $2 million be provided and be made immediately available, to be used for up to one year or until acceptable solutions are in place.
  4. Funds from the State of Alaska will be deposited into a separately accounted holding account and used to reimburse on an interim basis for Anchorage Police Department services to patrol the Seward Highway designated service area, and to investigate and clear accident scenes in order to expedite opening the highway to normal traffic flow.
  5. Purpose of the interim fund is to pay costs incurred by Anchorage Police Department and Whittier Police Department for highway law enforcement, patrolling, investigation and insuring the highway is opened as soon as possible following necessary closure.
  6. Long Term actions are to include expanding the highway service area covered under Municipality of Anchorage to include all segments of the highway from McHugh Creek to Mile Post 75.
  7. Further Long Term action will include reliable, sustainable long term funding (sources suggested are gas tax, sales tax, other non-property tax, taxes not constrained by tax cap, other types of revenue, federal appropriations and toll road).
  8. Although much of current discussion is focused on a specific highway segment (McHugh Creek to MP 75) we recognize that the problems impact all users and are statewide, and we will engage Kenai Peninsula and Mat-Su Boroughs in seeking solutions.

SIGNED as authorized by attendees at the meeting of April 25, 2017 referenced herein:


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Diana Stone Livingston, Meeting Convener                                        Lynn Johnson, Meeting Moderator